24 Sep 2019

How To Make Tea

How To Make Tea 

A cup of  Tea makes everything better

Most of the peoples are like to drink tea.they are searching how to make tea. the tea has more benefits:
  •  Tea contains antioxidants
  •  Tea may help with weight loss  
  •  Tea may help protect your bones
  •  Tea may keep your smile better

Tea can be made in many ways, Some of them are below:

Green tea, Black tea, Irani tea, Masala tea, Milk tea, Mint tea, Bubble tea, Cinnamon tea, Lemon tea, Saffron tea, Tandoori tea. etc...

How To Make Masala Tea?


1. Water-1 cup
2. Milk-
3. Tea powder- 1 1/2 tsp
4. Cinnamon stick-1 piece
5. Ginger-small piece
6. Cardamom-2 
7. Sugar-2 tsp
8. Mint leaves-2 leaves
9. Cloves-1


Boil 1Cup Water

Add 4 to 9 ingredients and make boil

Add Tea Powder and simmer 3-4 minutes

Add milk

Also, bring it boil and brew for 2 minutes
switch off the flame and filter out the tea powder  and spices with a fine sieve 

Finally serve the Masala TEA with Snacks or Cake ..

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